Sell Your Assets

If you wish to sell your assets on our store, whether it is Models, Music, Textures, Scripts or even software you are able to do so with ease! This store gets a lot of traffic and we'll be giving you a helping hand to make sales by advertising your products to various game developer communities!

How to Get Started

To start selling, you first need to register an account on the store. We do all the uploading for you so you don't have to worry about a thing, except keeping track of the money coming in! Once you are ready to start selling, simply send an E-Mail to containing a Title, Description, Related Files, Renders (Models only) and finally the Price you want to sell it at. Remember products with the best descriptions and previews get the most sales! Be aware all products are checked before being put on sale, however it is your responsibility to ensure that they are all functional and well maintained. Any issues from customers will be directed straight to you. Products can be rejected if they aren't of good quality or non-functional.

Fee's & Payment

Currently we only offer payments through PayPal. Payments for any sales will be sent out once a month on 25th-27th of each month. A minimum earning of $10 is required before any payments are sent. You will be notified whenever you make a sale and will receive a full report with each payment.

2% - Transaction Fee

20% - Commission Fee