Medieval Warhammer Collection 01

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  • Brand: Gajatix
  • Product Code: FAN_WEP_HC01

This Model Pack contains 5 Fantasy Warhammers to crush your enemies! Along with PBR textures (Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metalness & Ambient Occlusion) these will make your character a force to be reckoned with!

See Specification Tab for Full Details!

Models 5
Texture Maps Albeado, Diffuse, Normal ,Roughness ,Metalness, Ambient Occlusion
Poly/Verts - WoodenWarHammer (652/360) - StoneWarHammer01 (1234/742) - MetalWarHammer01 (1714/951) - MetalWarHammer02 (1286/789) - MetalWarHammer03 (1318/744)
Format blend, obj, b3d, fbx, 3ds, x, ms3d
Texture Resolution 1024*1024

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