Medieval Farm Builder

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  • Brand: Gajatix
  • Product Code: Med_Bld_FB1

Realistic & Beautiful, this highly detailed pack provides everything you'll need to create a medieval Farm or Village environment, complete with 6 models and HD Textures. The consistent theme and unique design of each building, creates atmospheric and stunning results. 

Models can be bought Individually. See other Gajatix products.

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Models 6
Texture Maps Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Ambient Occlusion, Displacement
Poly/Verts Farm House 1 - 710/454, Farm House 2 - 550/367, Farm House 3 - 546/357, Hay Bale 1 - 175/183, Hay Bale 2 - 621/542, Hay Bale 3 - 785/705
Format .blend, .obj, .b3d, .fbx, .3ds, .x, .ms3d
Texture Resolution 512*512

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